Trauma is an illness of not living in the present moment, and is holistic in that if affects us body, mind and spirit.

Traditionally, cognitive behavioral therapists have helped people process unresolved trauma, but more recently psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers — many working with US military veterans — acknowledge that embodiment practices such as yoga enriched with mindfulness practices can have more impact in alleviating the symptoms that lead to both reactive behaviors and stress related disease, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Healing Heroes was founded in the belief that yoga, taught specifically as a mindfulness practice, is very effective in releasing deeply held, unresolved trauma, reducing state and trait anxiety resulting in a greater improvement in mental health and quality of life.

A typical class may include: centering/meditation, pranayama (breathing), asanas (postures) and savasana (final relaxation).  Carefully selected pranayama exercises promote calming; carefully chosen asanas balance the nervous system.  Poses that can trigger a bad memory are avoided.  Setting and word choice are carefully chosen to promote a sense of safety.

Yoga as a mindfulness practice is our tool for reengaging First Responders with their bodies to restore the connection between mind, heart and body, in a safe supported space, within their own Wellness programs and communities.