Trauma is a dis-ease of not being in the present moment, and affects us holistically: Mind, body, spirit. 

“Yoga” means linking movement with breath. Period.

No thinking, no striving, no end, no right, no wrong.  Finding your edge at that moment and meeting it with your breath.

The Mind

Be here now.  The past? Done.  Future? Who knows.  An invitation to find a place where you are able to stop the tapes.  Stop the “monkey-mind”.  Stop thinking.   By centering, you allow your brainwaves to come into a frequency of healing.

The Body

Our jobs, relationships, stress, trauma, LIFE! – it all shows up in our physical body.  It can show up as all kinds of physical aches and pains.  But it also affects us internally, namely our nervous system and our nervous system affects everything else.  Things like keeping your heart beating, digesting your food and regulating your immune system.  It maintains your respiratory rate and balances your hormones, controls metabolism and eliminates waste.

Through various postures and poses, from your chair or your mat, learn how to move that stuck energy out.  By linking these poses to your focused breath, you create an internal heat burning away stuck energy and toxins.  You get to know yourself better and find your “baseline”.

The Spirit

A person stuck in a stress-response is like a driving a car in first gear and flooring it!  The thoughts we think create feelings…anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, competition, aggression, insecurity, frustration. Shame.  We can lose our sense of self, our sense of community, belonging.

The classes offered through Healing Heroes recognize and honor how these emotions and sensations show up in the physical body. Using a bottoms up approach to help deal with and resolve the sensations, we work to help soften the reaction into response.